Thursday, September 18, 2008

Causes of Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin condition in which some parts of the body turns into white spots. It is pigmentation disorder in which pigment producing cells the Melanocytes are destroyed and the autoimmune system perform anomial behavior. Most often, patients apart from vitiligo have a healthy body. Vitiligo may appear any part of the body but normally it appear on the exposed part of the body like face, hands, arms, eyelids, neck and foot etc. The hair may also turn white that grows in areas affected by vitiligo.

Vitiligo has the close relation with autoimmune system of the body, but if we ask that Vitiligo is the common anomaly of the autoimmune system of the body then it would not be wrong. In Vitiligo the Melanin producing process of the skin is disturbed due the internal factor. Melanin is a substance play key role in determining the skin color. Its is produced by the pigmentation producing cells Melanocytes.

Cause of vitiligo:

The genetic factor of the disease not yet clear except this that a NLAP1 gene is responsible for this skin disorder. There is very low involvement of the inheritance factor in the skin condition Vitiligo, and not fully clear.

There are several theories exist for regarding the causes of vitiligo.
But no actual fact is fully known. But all famous theories claim the destruction of melanocytes cell for the real cause of vitiliog. Hereunder the four popular theories regarding regarding the cause of vitiligo explained.

1) An abnormal functioning of certain nerve cells produce a toxic substance which damages the Melanocytes cells. It seems that this cause is related to the emotional factor or the stress which vitiligo patients has to suffer due to his appearance. This causes the increasing progression of vitiligo under the influence of the stress.

2) Some enzymes causes An alteration in the immune system of the body This change results in the destruction of pigment producing cells and hence the production of the melanin substance disturbed.

3) Some experts say that a genetic defect in the body causes Vitiligo.

4) Another hypothesis is that an antibodies produces in the system which destruct the melanocyte cells.

We also believe that this could be a combination of these four theories.

Breif Statistics about vitiligo

Vitiligo affects all races and both sex equally. According to the statistics about 40 to 50 millions people are currently suffering from this skin condition it means 1 to 2% of total population across the world. Vitiligo is also called Michael Jackson disease. In UK the percentage of vitiligo patients is 1%.In USA 1 to 2 million people have vitiligo.
Mostly the people having age below the 40 are become the victims of vitiligo.

One good thing about vitiligo, is not infectious disease and affected population with vitiligo are in good condition overall. As for as concern with inheritance factor associated with vitiligo, about 20% of the patients of vitiligo are those have a family background with vitiligo.

Symptoms and appearance of vitiligo:

1)The main symptom of vitiligo is the white patches on the skin. It is obvious on relatively dark skin and it difficult to observe on white races except in summer.
2)Sunburn is a common symptoms of vitiligo because UV protective cells have been destroyed in this skin disorder.

Does the vitiligo is curable:

If we talk about the treatment of vitiligo the complete cure from this is a very difficult thing. It is possible by using oral or topical treatments one contain white patches but cannot cure vitiligo or halt it.
Among the dozens of different treatment and method I think the Herbal medicine are best because these has low cost, easily available and very important thing has no side effects.


Monday, September 1, 2008

Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines are the great gift of the nature. Plants are used widely for the treatment of many diseases and medicine made by the plants is called herbal medicine. Now a days the use of the herbal medicines have been increasing rapidly. And the natural medicine has been proved very useful for many disease. Aloe vera, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Black cumin etc are the some example of famous herbal medicines.

The actual reason behind the trend of increasing use of Medicine made by plants all over the world is, its very low negative effects rate as compare to the latest scientific medicine. An example of herbal Medicine is using a special diet to treat the disease specially some diseases like cancer and autoimmune diseases vitiligo instead of undergoing surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy that has been recommended because these are hard to cure.

Although the in this age science and technology the rate of use of herbal medicine is increasing whereas the automation and medical science is at its peak. Herbal medicine are being used widely in many countries of the world. There are some countries where are the rate of use of the herbal medicine is more but overall herbal medicine has been using allover the world since last few years. Even some technologically advance countries like China and Japan herbal medicine are the famous mode of treatment.

In the earlier civilization of the man Herbal medicines are the unique choice for the different disease. Although the techniques of preparing the Herbal medicine has been changing. Now the curative properties of plants and vegetable and fruits have great importance in the medicine worlds.

Is Slow mode of treatment is Draw back of herbal medicines:

According to some people herbal medicine is a slow mode of treatment mean herbal medicine affects very slowly. It may appear a disadvantage of herbal medicine to some people because gentle action may be inferred as slow, but in fact the continual changes in the body systems are always better tolerated and have a more lasting effect. Then the natural remedies have a far less chance of side effects. There is either a very slow side effect that is also slow to appear and can hence be detected at an early stage without significant discomfort or damage or no side effect at all.

Normally due the slow treatment process the herbal medicines, herbal medicines are used in dietry supplement for improving the body function for fighting against the health problems.

Like other mdicine the health risk involved in action like self-medication also in herbal medicines, it might enhace the symptom and forever destroying the possibility of cure. Considering that these herbs and plants are usually ingested for it to have an effect on our bodies, it is highly recommended that a patient refrain from performing self-medication and experimentation.

When you are planning to make use of this alternative method of treatment, it is wisest to consult an expert regarding its proper utilization. For starters, you can check with your doctor, an herbalist, or a physician on the right product that will address your health problem, as well as the instructions in taking them in.
There are many things like current health status, current illnesses state, experience in the past and family background of getting any disease and undergoing any treatment as of the moment which herbalist or an expert ask you before prescribing any medicine.

It is often advisable that you adhere to the consultation and answer the questions posted by the expert as truthfully and accurately as possible to avoid incorrect diagnosis, as well as the instruction for the taking the right one.

Altought the herbal medicines are useful for any disease, but my research show that herbal medicines has the special curative behaviour towards the disease related to the skin and hair care. A common example of this is ths skin condition vitiligo.
There are many latest and ancient mode of treatment available for the cure of vitiligo bur the herbal medicine are the best option for this and many health organization like use herbal substances in their remedies for vitiligo treatment.
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