Thursday, November 26, 2009

How Michael Jackson Turned White?

There are many myths about the complexion of Michael Jackson. During the 90’s be was widely criticized for turning his back on his African ancestry and he was accused of bleaching his skin in attempt to look white.

When the situation became intolerable, Michael revealed that he had a skin disorder that turned his skin white. Dr. Arnold Klein (Michael Jackson’s dermatologist) bore witness that Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus in 1984. Both of these skin disorders can cause loss of pigmentation in the skin.

Michael Jackson in his early twenties started getting affected by vitiligo and was under constant stress. Although vitiligo is harmless disease but the psychological and its unacceptable cosmetic factors became intolerable for him.

During the initial stages he used cosmetic camouflages but the progression of this disorder made the daily task of makeup cumbersome. He was given a choice of complete depigmentation (bleaching) to even out his complexion.

Bleaching causes permanent and irreversible loss of pigmentation. He was bleached with 20% monobenzylether of hydroquinone. Vitiligo is a harmless skin disorder that just causes cosmetic depigmentation.

Most of the people with vitiligo experience psychological problems like severe depression and lack of self confidence but still the people who want achieve their targets leap over all the hindrances that come their way.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

vitiligo pigmentation And vitiligo depigmentation

Vitiligo occurs naturally with the depigmentation in which skin loses natural color gradually. It has many symptoms over all body from head to feet with white patches and white small dots. They start appearing on the skin and diverse parts of the body all of a sudden. And victims are very worried to observe changing their condition with white spots.

White patches on skin are more common in sun-exposed areas, including the hands, feet, arms, face, and lips. The hair that grows on Vitiligo affected areas turns white sometimes. It is a circumstance in which white patches develop on the skin. The whole body can be affected ever and most of the people having Vitiligo may have white patches on vast area in very initial stage.

Generally Vitiligo appears in one of three patterns. The focal pattern is more common in which depigmentation is limited to one or a few areas of the body. However there is no way to foresee Vitiligo if it will increase.

The disorder is on the whole progressive with the time when these white spots will extend to other areas of the body. Vitiligo extends slowly may be over long years in some cases while in most of the cases it extends speedily.

A few people have also stated that supplementary depigmentation is subsequent to the substantial period. People of all age levels may be carrier of Vitiligo and every body part might be affected in any time the period of any age. To get rid of Vitiligo, People still believe on the herbal treatments it is the most popular and satisfactory treatment way adopted anywhere in the world.

Vitiligo Treatment in usa

Due to increasing market demands from United Stats of America, has appointed Wellness Well LLC to be the sole distributor of the TrueHerbals products (Anti-Vitiligo Herbal Treatment for repigmentation in Vitiligo) in USA., a leading manufacturer of alternate remedies for Vitiligo since more than 6 years have officially announced the appointment of Wellness Well LLC as its sole distributor for USA.

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Anti-Vitiligo, A flagship of herbal products from TrueHerbals is the remedy of choice when it comes to alternate treatment for Vitiligo. It brings back color of the Vitiligo affected skin and has helped people with disease as old as 40 years. The refill orders of Anti-Vitiligo are more than 53%. It is recommended by many Vitiligo patient organizations including Vitiligo Support & Information Group (VSIG).

Thousands of Vitiligo Patients around the world have used Anti-Vitiligo and found it very beneficial. Most of our customers are the ones who are referred by the customers who have either fully re-pigmented or are currently using the Anti-Vitiligo and are satisfied with the current healing process. Says the sales and marketing manager.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


In the modern age use of herbals as medicine is marvelously increasing day by day so hundred of companies are in manufacturing herbal medicines now. antivitiligo.oil is a herbal remedy manufactured with potent herbs which have affective successive background.

Anti-vitiligo oil is produced with traditional methods and is also a complete traditional herbal formulation. The history of its curative success goes hundreds of years back, with a success in large number of patient . anti-vitiligo oil is collectively proven a best successful herbal product due to its unique traditional preparation processes.

After having great success rates localy, anti-vitiligo oil was marketed to international market for the patients of vitiligo throughout the world in November 2003. Antivitiligo oil has many characteristics of a successful healing product in the markets it has also been observed that the process of healing is faster in people with a darker skin than fairer individuals.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Herbal Remedies for Vitiligo

Vitiligo is a skin disease that we know very little about and have no guaranteed cure for. Most treatments are experimental or intended to control and restrict the effects of the disease. Although narrowband UVB treatments are extremely promising and are the best treatment currently available to vitiligo patients, herbal treatments do offer some hope. Sadly the efficacy of these herbal remedies has been neglected and research conducted has been inadequate.

The concept behind the most successful conventional treatment (UVB treatment) is actually rooted in traditional herbal treatments that involve phototherapy. Psoralea corylifolia is an herb that is extremely useful because of its peculiar properties. It contains a naturally occurring compound called psoralen that can today also be produced in laboratories. In the past however, treatment with this herb was widely used against vitiligo as this compound facilitates and improves the reaction of the skin to sun exposure. This herb may be used as a topical application in its oil extract form or a powdered form can be used for ingestion.

The use of Picrorhiza in combination with certain conventional treatments and sun exposure has also been found to speed up recovery, as opposed to treatment with just sun exposure and medication. Similarly supplementation with a Ginkgo biloba extract has also been found to encourage repigmentation. Khella or Ammi visnaga is another herb, which could have a role to play in vitiligo treatment. An active constituent of this herb called ‘khellin’ works in a manner very similar to psoralen, demonstrating a stimulatory effect on re-pigmentation.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vitiligo Picture

Face Picture Of Vitiligo:

This face picture is the Vitiligo victim has the white spots on the face resulted from severe condition of vitiligo disorder, because of the complete Loss of melanin. There are the reasons unknown the occurrence of primary skin pigment. It may appear on both sides of the face, hair color might change as well into white color when the disease is in extreme condition. Expand of white patchy area on face causes complete disfiguration of facial prettiness.

Arm Picture Of Vitiligo:

This picture is a vitiligo patient having white patches on arm which grow gradually in slow pace little by little. Vitiligo is characterized by the white spots on skin surface, the contrast is seen very clearly in the people with black skin.

Back Picture Of Vitiligo:

Generally there is no specific area of the body where vitiligo occurs, the onset of vitiligo may start on any part of the body. In This picture the patient has white patch on back.

Vitiligo pictures may express the right angle of the patient disease condition and other people victim of vitiligo might be informed their disease condition sprecisely. Vitiligo Picture also the means of satisfaction and mental tranquility for the disease for the patients of vitiligo. They satiate their mind of vitiligo conditions. vitiligo pictures touch sense of the people of society.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vitiligo Symptoms

Vitiligo generally called white spots illness as well or Leucoderma, in which the skin loses its pigment due to the annihilation of melanocytes. Melanocytes are such pigment cells which found in the epidermis (the surface layer of the skin) and there are responsible for producing Melanin (a dark pigment that gives skin its color) and protects against ultraviolet radiation., The skin becomes pale when melanocytes stop producing melanin leaving areas of white patches this is called vitiligo.

To describe Vitiligo symptoms, the onset of the vitiligo symptoms is very visible in darker and wheatish skinned people as the contrast of white patches looks obvious against dark skin. The manifestation of flat areas of normal-feeling skin with complete pigment loss is sudden or gradual and appearance of vitiligo symptoms the lesions appear as flat areas with no pigment.

In common the affected areas are the face, elbows, knees, hands feet, and genitalia.
The initial vitiligo symptoms are easily observable with flat white spots or patches on your skin. Vitiligo symptoms usually starts the first white patch appears on the skin area remains exposed to the sun. Vitiligo symptoms do not cause physical discomfort to your skin, such as itching etc.

Vitiligo symptoms, vitiligo most commonly affects traumatic areas particularly on the face, upper chest, hands and groin. It may be widespread, affecting both sides of the body it may affect only one side of the body or it may affect only one localized area.
If the affected area contains hair, the hair may turn white then vitiligo symptoms sharply distinct white patches are seen rather obviously. Sometimes there may be seen by a circular white patch, resembling a halo.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Vitiligo Causes facts

About Vitiligo causes in my previous post, I discussed that most well known thing which is resposible for vitiligo is autoimmunity. How this auto immunity works again your pigmentation system lets know

There is not single factor involve in vitiligo it is slight a multiple factors etiology. Many factors may be responsible for vitiligo.
An antibody produced in skin due to the Catechol and Phenol concentration in body.
An antigen produced in body give rise to the production of cytotoxic T cells in body, which start destructing body own pigmentation producing cells.

Melanocytes are special skin cells which produse melanin or color for the skin.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Increase Traffic of Blog

How your can increase traffic of your blog?

Many new blogger do not know about what is a blog and how they can increase traffic of their blog. So I decided to write some tips for new blogger, so that more and more people can see their blog.

These are some simle tips to increase the traffic of a blog, and how a blog can be seen in Search Engines.

Following are some tips about how to attract people to visit your blog.

Key words:

First of all define keywords. which people more use in their search queries in search engines.


In title of your blog try to sellect words which poeple frequently use in their search queries like this blog's title is vitiligo because it is a generic keyword in health and skin diesease catagory.

Use Generic keyword in the URL of your blog like
in these blogs the key word vitiligo is used.


your content should be clean and easy to understand, insert images if required. If you took data from any other source change the wording from the original source.
for example the source of the above blog is but the outher of the blog change the wording.

Most bloggers offer to use html in their blog. First make an test html file for your blog. apply table and divs . if suitable then copy the your content with html and paist in the edit box.
Never forget to preview before publishing your blog.

You have to use some tricks for your blog to increase the Result position of your blog in the Search engines.
1)Book mark your blog in the famous social sites like digg, delious and technorati etc.
2)Use yahoo answer
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4)Social Sites: Whenever post a new post, try to submit it in popular social sites like, , and other bookmarking sites like and etc