Thursday, November 26, 2009

How Michael Jackson Turned White?

There are many myths about the complexion of Michael Jackson. During the 90’s be was widely criticized for turning his back on his African ancestry and he was accused of bleaching his skin in attempt to look white.

When the situation became intolerable, Michael revealed that he had a skin disorder that turned his skin white. Dr. Arnold Klein (Michael Jackson’s dermatologist) bore witness that Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus in 1984. Both of these skin disorders can cause loss of pigmentation in the skin.

Michael Jackson in his early twenties started getting affected by vitiligo and was under constant stress. Although vitiligo is harmless disease but the psychological and its unacceptable cosmetic factors became intolerable for him.

During the initial stages he used cosmetic camouflages but the progression of this disorder made the daily task of makeup cumbersome. He was given a choice of complete depigmentation (bleaching) to even out his complexion.

Bleaching causes permanent and irreversible loss of pigmentation. He was bleached with 20% monobenzylether of hydroquinone. Vitiligo is a harmless skin disorder that just causes cosmetic depigmentation.

Most of the people with vitiligo experience psychological problems like severe depression and lack of self confidence but still the people who want achieve their targets leap over all the hindrances that come their way.