Monday, February 9, 2009

Increase Traffic of Blog

How your can increase traffic of your blog?

Many new blogger do not know about what is a blog and how they can increase traffic of their blog. So I decided to write some tips for new blogger, so that more and more people can see their blog.

These are some simle tips to increase the traffic of a blog, and how a blog can be seen in Search Engines.

Following are some tips about how to attract people to visit your blog.

Key words:

First of all define keywords. which people more use in their search queries in search engines.


In title of your blog try to sellect words which poeple frequently use in their search queries like this blog's title is vitiligo because it is a generic keyword in health and skin diesease catagory.

Use Generic keyword in the URL of your blog like
in these blogs the key word vitiligo is used.


your content should be clean and easy to understand, insert images if required. If you took data from any other source change the wording from the original source.
for example the source of the above blog is but the outher of the blog change the wording.

Most bloggers offer to use html in their blog. First make an test html file for your blog. apply table and divs . if suitable then copy the your content with html and paist in the edit box.
Never forget to preview before publishing your blog.

You have to use some tricks for your blog to increase the Result position of your blog in the Search engines.
1)Book mark your blog in the famous social sites like digg, delious and technorati etc.
2)Use yahoo answer
3)Submit your blog in the free blog directories.
4)Social Sites: Whenever post a new post, try to submit it in popular social sites like, , and other bookmarking sites like and etc