Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vitiligo Picture

Face Picture Of Vitiligo:

This face picture is the Vitiligo victim has the white spots on the face resulted from severe condition of vitiligo disorder, because of the complete Loss of melanin. There are the reasons unknown the occurrence of primary skin pigment. It may appear on both sides of the face, hair color might change as well into white color when the disease is in extreme condition. Expand of white patchy area on face causes complete disfiguration of facial prettiness.

Arm Picture Of Vitiligo:

This picture is a vitiligo patient having white patches on arm which grow gradually in slow pace little by little. Vitiligo is characterized by the white spots on skin surface, the contrast is seen very clearly in the people with black skin.

Back Picture Of Vitiligo:

Generally there is no specific area of the body where vitiligo occurs, the onset of vitiligo may start on any part of the body. In This picture the patient has white patch on back.

Vitiligo pictures may express the right angle of the patient disease condition and other people victim of vitiligo might be informed their disease condition sprecisely. Vitiligo Picture also the means of satisfaction and mental tranquility for the disease for the patients of vitiligo. They satiate their mind of vitiligo conditions. vitiligo pictures touch sense of the people of society.

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