Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vitiligo Treatment in usa

Due to increasing market demands from United Stats of America, has appointed Wellness Well LLC to be the sole distributor of the TrueHerbals products (Anti-Vitiligo Herbal Treatment for repigmentation in Vitiligo) in USA., a leading manufacturer of alternate remedies for Vitiligo since more than 6 years have officially announced the appointment of Wellness Well LLC as its sole distributor for USA.

Most of our customers are from the US and the number is increasing day by day, it was necessary to appoint a distributor in USA for a faster and cheaper delivery of our products, says Manager Customer services.

Anti-Vitiligo, A flagship of herbal products from TrueHerbals is the remedy of choice when it comes to alternate treatment for Vitiligo. It brings back color of the Vitiligo affected skin and has helped people with disease as old as 40 years. The refill orders of Anti-Vitiligo are more than 53%. It is recommended by many Vitiligo patient organizations including Vitiligo Support & Information Group (VSIG).

Thousands of Vitiligo Patients around the world have used Anti-Vitiligo and found it very beneficial. Most of our customers are the ones who are referred by the customers who have either fully re-pigmented or are currently using the Anti-Vitiligo and are satisfied with the current healing process. Says the sales and marketing manager.

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